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What isTRACK

Track is a virtual community for activists from Latin America and Europe who mobilize for democracy and the human rights of all people.


TRACKborn within the framework of the interregional initiative for democracyOn The Right Track

to support social and feminist organizations to confront anti-gender, anti-democratic far-right discourses that threaten their lives, rights and freedoms, and to build a world where all worlds are possible.

What will you find?

It contains training courses, books, infographics, audioposts, research, testimonials, pedagogical guides and much more.


About Us

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On The Right Track (OTRT)

It is an interregional alliance for democracy promoted by 8 feminist funds from Latin America and 12 funds from Central and Eastern Europe. Its objective is to strengthen the feminist, LGBTIQNBA+ and human rights defender movements to preserve the values of freedom, democracy and diversity in the face of the strategies of religious fundamentalists and the extreme right.

Participating funds
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Our News

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